Five Plumbing Problems That Cause High Water Usage

If your water usage has gone up, consider it a red flag that there may be plumbing problems around your home. Quick discovery of the issue is necessary. 1. Main Line Leaks Leaks in the main water line leading into your home can be quite costly, both in terms of the leak and when it comes to fixing it. Generally, the homeowner is responsible for repairs on the line leading into their home. Read More 

Don’t Ignore These Things—Call a Plumber

Oftentimes, homeowners tend to ignore small problems and get used to them over time. For example, a piece of chipped door frame might initially bother you, but after a few weeks, you stop noticing it. This attitude is normal, but it can unfortunately get you into trouble when it comes to your plumber. Little plumbing problems that people tend to ignore can turn into large, disastrous problems if allowed to go unchecked. Read More 

You May Need Emergency Plumbing Service When Your Water Main Valve Starts Spewing Water

A leaky water main valve is a potentially serious problem. If the valve starts spewing a lot of water, you may not be able to shut the water off. Not being able to shut the water off yourself makes DIY repairs impossible too. If the leak is more than just a drip, you may need an emergency plumbing service. Here's why a leaky water main valve is difficult to work with and what a plumber may do. Read More 

Have A Plumber Check Your Plumbing And Make Repairs Before Putting Your Home Up For Sale

When you put your home up for sale, an interested buyer has a home inspection done to find problems with your home, such as bad plumbing pipes. You may want to have an inspection done yourself, or at least hire a plumber to make repairs and upgrades so your home is appealing to buyers. Here are some types of plumbing work you may want to have done before listing your home on the market. Read More 

Misconceptions About Tankless Water Heaters In Commercial Settings

Just as hot water is ever-important in the modern home, it is just as important in the modern-day business operation. Commercial business owners have a lot of options when it comes to units that can deliver the hot water they need for their operation. However, one of the most recent options that can be viable is one that is often passed over: the tankless or on-demand water heater. Here is a look at a few of the misconceptions about tankless water heaters that can get in the way of business owners choosing these units for their own commercial setting. Read More