Oil Fired Furnace On The Fritz? Clean The Blower Motor And Oil Pump

If your oil fired furnace produces poor heat or makes a humming sound, you may wonder if you if there's something seriously wrong with the appliance. Sometimes, a dirty blower motor and clogged oil pump may be the causes of the furnace's lack of heating. The surfaces of your blower motor can build up with dust over time, which eventually blocks the air and heat circulation through the part. The ports of the oil pump may clog up with old heating oil and dust. Read More 

Unclog The Trap Under Your Kitchen Sink

If greasy food particles have caused your kitchen sink's drain to become clogged and you have attempted to resolve the problem with a standard drain opener and were unsuccessful, learn how to unclog the trap under the sink with the following steps. After finishing, maintain the plumbing in your kitchen to prevent problems that require professional drain cleaning. Materials Needed bucket rubber gloves adjustable wrench  pliers tube brush soapy water bowl flashlight standard scrub brush  sponge Remove And Empty The Trap Read More