How To Shut Off Your Water Main In An Emergency

If you own a home, knowing how to turn off your water main is nearly as important as being able to turn off the gas in an emergency. While nearly all plumbing devices have a method for shutting off the water locally, that's not always possible depending on your emergency. Read on to learn why you need to know how to do this and how to get it done. Why It's Useful Read More 

The Water’s So Cold: 3 Signs Your Water Heater Needs Maintenance

If your water heater goes on the fritz, you're going to be looking at some cold showers if you can't get the repair technician out there quickly enough. Unfortunately, it's not always easy to identify problems with your water heater, especially since it's tucked away in a cabinet. If you're worried about your water heater, it's time to start paying close attention to the way it's acting. It might be trying to warn you about an impending problem. Read More 

What’s That Sound? 4 Things To Do When Your Toilet Talks Back

If your toilet has been talking back to you lately, gurgling and burping when you flush, you might not need to call the plumber right away. Most toilet problems that are associated with strange sounds are usually simple fixes. Here are four steps you can take to stop your toilet from rumbling and grumbling. Check for Clogs If your toilet is still flushing, clogged drains might not have come to your mind. Read More 

3 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Hot Water Heater

If having access to a constant supply of heated water is important to you and your family, then maintaining a working hot water heater is essential. Few homeowners give their hot water heater a second thought until these plumbing appliances break down. By taking the time to learn how to spot the signs of a failing hot water heater, you will be able to replace a faulty unit before your family is left stranded without hot water. Read More 

Three Reasons For Water Heater Leaks That Can Occur Even If You Take Care Of Your Water Heater

Many water heater problems occur or are hastened along because the owner delayed board skipped water heater maintenance. However, problems can still occur even if you do your yearly maintenance and have your water heater inspected by a professional on a regular basis. Of course, these problems are much less common, so it's definitely worth it to say up-to-date on water heater care. But that doesn't mean you'll never have a problem just because you did that water heater maintenance stuff. Read More