Five Plumbing Problems That Cause High Water Usage

If your water usage has gone up, consider it a red flag that there may be plumbing problems around your home. Quick discovery of the issue is necessary.

1. Main Line Leaks

Leaks in the main water line leading into your home can be quite costly, both in terms of the leak and when it comes to fixing it. Generally, the homeowner is responsible for repairs on the line leading into their home. You may need to have the old line dug up and fully replaced, although sometimes repairs are possible. If you suspect a main line leak, turn off the water main to your home and contact a pipe repair service immediately.

2. Small Leaks

Small leaks in localized water supply lines in or around your home may not lead to the same levels of water usage as a leaking main line, but the damages can be much more severe. This is because these leaks tend to go on for a while before they are noticed, which means water damage inside the walls can progress to alarming levels. Your plumber will have to perform a leak detection to determine exactly which supply line is leaking so it and the damage it caused can be fixed.

3. Failing Taps

The drip of a broken faucet isn't just annoying; it can also be costly. Taps can leak from the tip of the faucet or spigot, or the leak can occur around the tap handles or base of the fixture. Often, the fix is quick and inexpensive — a seal or O-ring usually just needs to be replaced. Even if you do need a new fixture, the overall cost will be much less than the cost of the wasted water over time.

4. Running Toilets

If your toilet is constantly running, it likely has a leak. Sometimes the leak is internal and can be repaired with a replacement or adjustment of the flushing mechanism. In other cases, the leak is actually external — in other words, water is leaking from the tank or bowl and causing the toilet to constantly refill to the proper level. In this case, the leak costs you both in wasted water and in damage to the flooring around the toilet.

5. Appliance Issues

Any water-using appliance in your home can pose a leak danger. Water heaters, for example, can corrode through or leak at the fittings, leading to the need for a new heater and damage repair around the heater. Washing machines, dishwashers, and refrigerator ice makers can also all be the site of a leak. Inspect your water-using appliances frequently so you can catch leaks before major issues occur.

Contact a plumber in your area for more help with pinpointing the problem.