Don’t Ignore These Things—Call a Plumber

Oftentimes, homeowners tend to ignore small problems and get used to them over time. For example, a piece of chipped door frame might initially bother you, but after a few weeks, you stop noticing it. This attitude is normal, but it can unfortunately get you into trouble when it comes to your plumber. Little plumbing problems that people tend to ignore can turn into large, disastrous problems if allowed to go unchecked. So, if you've been ignoring any of the following "little" problems in your home, make sure you call a plumber.

Gurgling, Burping Drains

When you let water go down the sink or tub drain, do you hear gurgling or burping noises? Maybe the water stops going down for a second before making a "glug" noise and starting to drain again. This is often a sign that your sewer vents are clogged. At this stage, the clog is not a huge problem, but if it gets any worse, it could lead to bigger problems like toilets overflowing and smelly gasses coming out of your drains. It's pretty easy for a plumber to clear a clogged sewer vent by sticking a specialized cleaning tool down into the vent.

Dripping Pipes

Is there a little bit of water dripping out of one of your pipes? If this is happening in your basement, it's tempting to just put a bucket under the drip and ignore it. But a small leak usually means a bigger leak is just around the corner. The pipe may crack further and spring a much larger leak. The small leak may also be a sign that the pipe is starting to rust or corrode from the inside out, which would mean additional leaks are about to arise. Have the small leak looked at and fixed, or else you're going to have a big leak or multiple leaks to fix before long.

A Running Toilet

Does the toilet seem to turn on and fill even when nobody has flushed it in a while? This might seem like a minor annoyance that you should just overlook. However, the amount of water a toilet wastes when this happens can be astronomical. If you do not have the toilet repaired soon, your water bills are going to be sky-high. The good news is that this issue can usually be fixed with a few new toilet parts. Your plumber should not have to replace the whole toilet.

If you are having minor plumbing problems, don't ignore them. Make the call soon—or you'll be forced to make it later.