Misconceptions About Tankless Water Heaters In Commercial Settings

Just as hot water is ever-important in the modern home, it is just as important in the modern-day business operation. Commercial business owners have a lot of options when it comes to units that can deliver the hot water they need for their operation. However, one of the most recent options that can be viable is one that is often passed over: the tankless or on-demand water heater. Here is a look at a few of the misconceptions about tankless water heaters that can get in the way of business owners choosing these units for their own commercial setting. 

Misconception: Tankless water heaters can't supply enough hot water for large-scale use. 

Tankless water heaters for residential use are small, but they are designed that way because most property owners do not need anything drastic when it comes to hot water. Tankless water heaters designed for commercial use are larger, which means that can easily cater to higher water demands. You can easily find units that can accommodate your hot water usage needs in your business operation. 

Misconception: Tankless systems for water heating are not the most economic choice for commercial settings. 

On the contrary, tankless water heaters are a highly economic option for business owners. Yes, the investment cost can be more, but because these units only heat water as it is needed, they are far more efficient. Therefore, you could easily recoup your investment cost through energy savings in a short time frame. 

Misconception: Tankless water heaters utilize too much power to fit in with other electrical equipment. 

Tankless water heaters actually use less electricity than their tank-style counterparts. Therefore, you should see no disruption in the amount of available power if you invest in tankless units. In fact, you should see a difference in how much power you have available for other equipment because the systems utilize so much less power. 

Misconception: Tankless systems take up too much space because you have to have more than one. 

Tankless water heaters built for commercial use are relatively larger than those made for residential use, but they still do not take up that much space. The systems can be mounted on a wall and off the floor, and they do not protrude from the wall much at all. You may actually make some extra space for your operations with tankless units because there is no footprint and the systems can be mounted on an interior or exterior wall. 

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