Reasons Your Water Bill Is So High And Plumbing Repairs That Could Lower It

When you open your water bill and get a shock at the high cost of your service, you immediately wonder why your bill is so high. If your home has no leak you know of, you may even wonder if the bill could be wrong or if something is wrong with the meter. Here are some things that can cause a water bill to be high suddenly and the plumbing repairs you could need.

There's A Hidden Water Leak

Water doesn't have to be spraying on the floor when a pipe is leaking. Your plumbing might be quietly leaking under a floor or under the ground. These leaks are out of sight so you may not know about them until you get a high water bill. When you have a hidden water leak, you need a plumber to find out where the leak is located using their leak detection equipment. Once the leaky area is found, the pipe needs to be repaired or replaced to stop the leak.

The Toilet Keeps Running

A leaky toilet that runs more than it should is a leading cause of high water bills. It may seem like a running toilet or even a dripping faucet won't waste enough water to impact your bill, but when you consider the leak goes on every day all day long, you can see how the wasted water adds up and makes your bill higher. Different parts can fail and cause your toilet to run, but your plumber can pinpoint the problem and replace the responsible parts in the tank so your toilet quits running.

You may need to stop and listen to your toilet for hissing noises or ghost flushes to catch a leaky toilet. If you have to jiggle the handle to get the water to stop running, that's a sign your toilet needs repairs to stop wasting water.

You've Bought A New Water-Using Appliance

If you get a dishwasher, water softener, or clothes washer, you can expect your bill to be higher than it used to be, especially if you use the dishwasher and clothes washer daily. While water-using appliances may not drive up your bill as much as a burst water pipe, they will drive it up some since they use water every time they operate. You may need to change your habits to conserve water so your bill is lower in the future.

However, if the appliance, especially the water softener, leaks or malfunctions, then you'll want it checked to make sure it isn't wasting water. A plumber can do things like unclog drains and repair water lines for washers and dishwashers, and repair water softeners and water heaters that give you problems with your plumbing.

Look into some of these plumbing repairs if your water bill is starting to increase unexpectedly.