The Four Best Styles Of Kitchen Faucets To Consider

When the time comes to choose your new kitchen faucet replacement, you may find yourself staring at the thousands of selections, unsure of where to even start. You do have to choose the finish and the exact appearance that you want, but all of that can wait. First, you should simply focus on choosing the right style of faucet for your kitchen — and when it comes down to that, there are only four good options.

Single-Hole Faucets

This simple style of faucet sits in a single hole in your countertop. There is usually a lever-style handle on the right side of the faucet, which you use to turn your water on and adjust the temperature. Some single-hole faucets now have a removable head that you basically pull out and use as a sprayer, but it's up to you whether you buy this type or not. Single-hole faucets are affordable, easy to install, and widely available.

Triple-Hole Faucets

This style of faucet is set into three holes on the sink. The center hole houses the water dispenser, and holes on either side are for the hot and cold water controls. This style of faucet has a more traditional look, which some people like, and it does give you a bit more precise control over the water temperature. The downside is that it tends to be a little more expensive and take more time to install than a single-hole faucet.

Wall-Mounted Faucet

Another option is to buy a faucet set that mounts not into the counter, but on the wall. These sets usually require that three holes are made in the wall — one for the water dispenser, and one for each temperature control knob. Wall-mounted faucets look good in more industrial-style kitchens. They need to be paired with a large sink in order to work well. However, they do save you space in the counter, and they tend to stay cleaner than counter-mounted taps.

Widespread Faucet

This type of faucet comes with the water dispenser and controls all mounted on one long, ovular plate. The plate is then mounted to the counter. This style allows for a simpler installation, and it gives you that traditional three-hole-faucet look without the need to necessarily drill three holes. Widespread faucets come in various widths so you can choose one that fits in your sink space.

Once you decide which of the above faucet styles you like best, then you can pick the features and finishes you prefer. Enjoy!