Benefits Of Perma Liner Pipe Repair

When you have sewer pipe problems, you have two approaches to making repairs. You can either rip everything out of the ground and completely replace the pipes, or you can use pipelining systems. Pipeliners are an "injected" resin-coated felt pipe liner that only requires a single opening in a direct line to the damaged pipe. Just to get an idea of how effective and beneficial this repair option is, here are some of the many benefits of perma liner.

Complete Trenchless Repair

Repairs using pipe liners are completed without ever having to cut open trenches in the ground and resurrect the pipes with the problems. The liner is injected/inserted into the pipe via a long hose and scope-like device that allows the contractor to see down the length of pipe as the liner is dragged in or injected into place (injected liners begin as a liquid and dry as a hardened material that coats the pipe).

Pipes Are Always Flushed, Cleaned, and Cleared Prior to Inserting the Liner

If your pipes are really old, clogged with whatever, and will not work well with liners as-is, then the contractor will clean, clear, and flush the pipes for you prior to lining them. This is a bonus benefit since it means that anything that usually became stuck in the pipelines before or backed up into your home will no longer do that after the entire project is complete. The liners will also prevent toilet paper and clumps of hair from becoming stuck on bits of jagged metal pipe sticking up along the way. After cleaning the pipes, the liners smooth the entire interiors of the pipes making everything glide through like water.

The Liners Last a Very Long Time 

Pipeliners last a very long time. They are not just a patch job that will take care of pipe problems for a year or two. They can last a decade or more. If you are really fortunate, they will last twenty years, which is almost the same amount of time most people spend in any one home.

There Are Any Number of Ways to Install Perma Liner

Since the invention of pipeliners for pipe repair, there has been ongoing work to invent new ways to use this technology to repair sewer pipes. There are at least four or five approaches that can be used now to line and repair sewer pipes. Ask your contractor about these approaches/methods.