Getting The Water Flowing With Professional Drain Cleaning Services

If you have a drain that is not working as it should be, it might be tempting to go and buy one of the many drain cleaners on the market and dump it into the drain to try and clear it out. The problem is, these cleaners seldom work as they claim and the chemicals in them can be very hard on the plumbing in your home. If you have a stubborn drain that you can not clear yourself, the best solution is to get some professional drain cleaning help.

Start With The Basics

 If you are going to try and clear a clogged drain yourself, the best option is to use a plunger and try and force some water down the pipe to break up the clog or blockage. The idea is simple and it can take some time and effort but in many cases, it works with enough effort. Often when you call a plumber to help you, this is where they start because it is the safest method and will not damage the pipes. If the pipe is blocked by a foreign object like a toy or something that is not going to move at all, this method will more than likely not work. But if you are not sure what is causing the blockage, give it a try. You might be surprised how well it works.

Calling A Plumber

Once you have tried to clear the drain and have come to a point that you can't do anymore, you probably need to consider calling a plumber in to deal with the blockage. Let them know what you have tried and if you know what is blocking the drain (i.e. a toy or other item) let them know so they know what to try. Many times the plumber will use a long, flexible metal snake to find the blockage in the pipe. The snake is put into the drain and advanced until it hits the blockage. If it is something that can be broken up, the plumber may use the end of the snake to do that. If it is not, it gives them an idea where the blockage is in the system.

Taking Apart The Drain

Normally taking the plumbing apart and opening the system is the last resort but if there is no other way to clean out the drain and get things moving, the plumber may not have any other option. Once the drain is opened up and the blockage cleared, the plumbing can be reassembled and put back in service. The cost of having to go this route can be expensive but there may not be another option.