Why Your Kitchen Sink Always Stinks

If you try to keep your kitchen looking its best, it can be disturbing to still have a bad smell constantly coming from your sink. If scrubbing it down doesn't make a difference, chances are the stink is coming from your pipes. Here's why you have a constant smell coming from the pipes of your kitchen sink and some ideas on resolving the matter.

What Goes Down Doesn't Go Away

In your bathroom, chances are the only things going down your sink are water and various types of soap, including toothpaste. These are relatively harmless things to go down a sink, and they tend to flush down well with simple gravity. However, your kitchen sink is a completely different matter.

Your kitchen sink is likely subjected to a great deal of food waste and oil coming off of dishes and pans that you wash. While a garbage disposal can help to break up food bits that are going down the sink, what makes up the food itself can still present a problem. Oil from food is particularly a problem, as it tends to get stuck to the walls of your pipes. As this oil begins to break down and rot, it emits gases and smells that can rise up out of your pipes. Oil is also a problem because it can allow bits of food to stick to the walls of your pipes, which can add to the stench and increase your risk of a future blockage.

Side Effects

Unfortunately, the smell coming out of your kitchen sink probably isn't limited to it. Any other plumbing that drains out of your home that's in or near your kitchen is likely hooked up to the same piping. Since gas can easily flow in both direction, noxious fumes can easily come up in your dishwasher or washing machine if you have them hooked up to the same drainage pipes.


The only real way to handle this situation is to have a plumber come out once in a while to thoroughly clean out your pipes and drains. Obviously food leftovers and debris will continue to flow down your kitchen sink for as long as you're using it, so this is one matter that can't easily be prevented. However, by building a maintenance schedule with your plumber, you can keep it from getting to the point where your plumbing smells bad.

Oil and food debris are both a problem for plumbing pipes and can lead to smells and blockages in your pipes. If you're tired of having your kitchen sink or dishwasher stink, talk to a plumber from a service like Calhoun Plumbing.