How A Plumber Finds A Hidden Water Leak In Your Home

Signs of a hidden water leak include a high water bill, an increase in pests like roaches and silverfish, and a moldy odor in your home. These signs let you know there is water in your home somewhere, but finding it could be difficult without the right equipment. A plumber can use a thermal imaging camera to locate areas of water damage and an ultrasonic listening device to locate the source of the leak without having to dig up pipes or tear through a wall until the leak is found. Here's how these devices work:

Thermal Imaging Cameras Detect Temperature Changes

A plumber can walk through your home while aiming a thermal imaging camera at the walls and floor to look for signs of water. He or she watches the screen on the camera for color changes. Leaks from a cold water pipe will make the area colder than the rest of the house and the drop in temperature may show up as a dark blue color. Leaks from a hot water pipe heat up the surrounding area and this might show up as a bright orange color. This information not only lets the plumber find areas where water is leaking, it also shows the path the leaking water takes as it spreads over the structure of your home so you get an idea of how much water damage you may have to repair.

Ultrasonic Leak Detectors Rely On Sound Changes

An ultrasonic leak detector can locate a pipe under a foundation or behind the wall. It does this because the sound of water rushing through the pipe is picked up by the listening device. If there is a leak in the pipe, the pitch of the sound changes. This allows the plumber to pinpoint the spot of the leak in the pipe. One end of the device is placed on the ground or floor and it is moved around while the plumber listens for sound changes while wearing headphones. This device can be used outdoors as well as inside the home.

Using these modern tools is a big advantage when it comes to finding leaks. If you had no idea where the leak is coming from, you would have to dig randomly in areas you suspect it might be. That would disrupt your home and your yard and be a lot of work that might not pay off. With a thermal camera and a listening device, a plumber can find the source of a leak fairly quickly so repairs can begin right away with the least amount of destruction to your home.

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