Guidelines For Creating An Efficient Bathroom

Many different elements go into creating a bathroom that meets modern standards for energy and water efficiency. Here are some guidelines for how to choose fixtures that will save you money and impress your future guests and buyers:


Toilets are a big one because the efficiency of toilets has increased a lot in modern years. The new standards for toilet flushes are that they should use less than 1.6 gallons per flush. Keep in mind that even if your toilet meets those standards according to the label, plumbing and fixture maintenance plays a role in efficiency as well. Aside from having the toilets installed by a plumbing professional, make sure you have the plumbing contractor check their status each year to make sure they are still performing at that rate.


The tasks you use the bathroom faucets for, like washing your face and brushing your teeth, often create a lot of water waste. If you aren't the type of person to turn off the faucet between each rinse of your mouth or face, you're probably letting a lot of water flow down the drain unused between each rinse. An aerator is a good solution for this. The aerator adds air to the water stream so that you are still getting a good pour of water, but you are actually consuming less.

Bath and Shower

There's nothing wrong with having both a bath and shower as long as you're careful about it. With bathtubs, have a narrow tub that you don't fill completely to the top if you are concerned about saving water. For showers, the shower head matters the most; choose a shower head that sprays water in a less pressurized but more dispersed fashion; that way, it feels like you are receiving a lot more water than you actually are at any given time. And as far as efficiency goes, do yourself a favor and upgrade to a glass shower enclosure that allows for a sleeker look and prevents water spray.

Electrical Components

Finally, there are the energy-consuming elements of the bathroom to pay attention to. Mainly, these come down to water heaters, lighting, and ventilation. All of these can be energy star certified to guarantee less energy consumption. For ventilation, choosing models with a timer is helpful in case you're the type to forget to turn off fans. And for lighting, having different lighting levels for different tasks is a great way to ensure you're not using a more powerful light than what you need.

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