Environmentally Friendly Chemical And Waste Dumping Practices To Use With Portable Toilets

If you have recently started planning a home remodeling project that includes the refinishing of your bathroom, then you may be concerned about your toilet being out of commission for some time. This is a troubling issue and you may want to think about either purchasing or renting a portable toilet from a place like AAA Pumping Service to use for a short period of time. If you decide to purchase a toilet, then you should know that you will need to place some chemicals in the toilet. Chemicals are needed to deodorize wastes and to also break them down. If you are an environmentally friendly individual, then you may be concerned about the chemicals you use. Keep reading to learn why this is an issue and also how you can make a green choice.

Why Are Toilet Chemicals An Environmental Concern?

Many portable toilets that are rented or purchased use chemicals that are formaldehyde based. Formaldehyde is a chemical that is largely known as an embalming and preservation fluid used on human remains. It may seem off that a preservative is used in a portable toilet. Well, the chemical does have some unique attributes that make it ideal for use in a portable toilet. Formaldehyde is a strong antibacterial agent that assists in sterilization and it remains stable for long periods of time. This means that it can retain waste in a safe environment. 

While the chemical does have its advantages, it is a known carcinogen and is toxic. The chemical can even cause strong allergic reactions, especially when sensitive individuals breathe in the vapors from the chemical agent.

If formaldehyde is released into the environment, it can have some serious and adverse effects when wildlife, especially aquatic creates, come into contact with it. Animals can become sick and die and it can cause birth defects and breeding problems in many different animals. When the formaldehyde vapors are released into the air, it is often broken down into carbon monoxide, which is harmful to humans and the ozone layer.

What Are The Alternatives?

If you want to remain environmentally friendly while using a portable toilet, then it is best to avoid all chemical agents that contain formaldehyde. This is fairly easy to do since many manufacturers make formaldehyde free toilet chemical alternatives. These include enzyme based chemicals that contain living, and harmless, bacteria that break down wastes quickly. As they break down the wastes, they also deodorize the toilet. While this is true, smells may be a bit stronger than you like. This is one reason why it is wise to invest in a separate liquid deodorant. These products typically come in lemon and pine smells, but you can often find ones that smell like vanilla or cherry if you do not like these scents.

If you want your deodorizer to be environmentally friendly as well, then choose one that is made with botanical extracts instead of artificial ingredients. These extracts include essential oils like tea tree oil and lavender oil.

How Do You Dispose Of Wastes?

Using chemicals that are environmentally friendly is one way to encourage green portable toilet use. However, you also need to make sure that you dispose of the wastes properly. Poor or improper disposal practices can affect the environment just as much as harmful chemical agents can. 

If you have a larger portable toilet that you are renting, then speak with your rental company about regularly scheduled pumping of the waste. Waste removal every two or three days is a good idea. You can also have the portable toilet replaced and waste management will occur offsite. The business will then transport the wastes to a processing facility. 

If you have a smaller portable toilet that you need to empty on your own, then locate an RV waste disposal site or a vault toilet. Both of these spaces are appropriate for waste disposal. Keep in find that you will typically need to pay the disposal site or transfer station a small fee to be able to dump your wastes.