Three Reasons For Water Heater Leaks That Can Occur Even If You Take Care Of Your Water Heater

Many water heater problems occur or are hastened along because the owner delayed board skipped water heater maintenance. However, problems can still occur even if you do your yearly maintenance and have your water heater inspected by a professional on a regular basis. Of course, these problems are much less common, so it's definitely worth it to say up-to-date on water heater care. But that doesn't mean you'll never have a problem just because you did that water heater maintenance stuff. Here are three reasons why your water heater might leak even if you did take care of it.

1. Factory defects

Factory defects are likely to show up far in advance of a product's expected lifespan. So, if you have a fairly new water heater and it starts leaking for no reason that you or your plumber can figure out, it may just be that it was a faulty product. Fortunately, if it's close to the time you bought the product, you can probably get a refund or replacement product.

2. Water quality

Some water is much more corrosive than other water. For example, acidic water tends to leach substances out of the metal surfaces it encounters, causing damage to pipes and other plumbing fixtures such as water heater tanks. The more acidic your water is, the faster this may occur. In addition, water and mineral inclusions that form sediments in your water heater tank can also cause the bottom of the tank to corrode faster than the top.

3. High temperature

If you have your hot water heater set to a very high temperature, it builds up pressure inside the tank, which can lead to unsafe levels of pressure. Your hot water heater tank, fortunately, has a relief valve to release some of the pressure when the temperature causes it to build up too high. But as you can imagine, releasing pressure from inside a hot water tank can involve allowing some water to escape. This could be the source of your leak. For diagnostic purposes, try turning the temperature down a bit to see if that helps.

These three situations are all reasons for water heater tanks to start leaking even if they're properly maintained and not nearing the end of their lifespan. You'll be glad to know, however, that it's much less likely for a water heater to leak if it's well cared for and properly used. Call a plumber from more help.