Well Pump Failing? Three Things To Check Before Calling Your Plumber

Without your well pump, there's no good way to get water from your well into your home. If water suddenly stops flowing from your taps, there's a good chance something is going wrong with your well pump. But while some breakdowns do warrant a call to the plumber, other causes of pump failure are easy to address on your own. Check these three things before calling your plumber for a well pump failure.

Tripped Circuit Breaker

There's a chance that a power surge or similar electrical issue caused the well pump circuit to trip. So, head to your circuit breaker box, and take a look at the breaker for the pump. If it has been flipped off, flip it back on. This should restore power to the unit. If the breaker immediately flips off again once you run the well pump again, then you may have a bigger electrical issue going on. Contact your plumber; they may need to work in tandem with an electrician to get your pump working again.

Tripped Pressure Switch

Your well pump has a pressure switch designed to turn the unit off if too much water is drawn from the well at once. This is a safety mechanism intended to prevent flooding if there was to be a leak in your pipes. However, it can sometimes get triggered accidentally if you run too many faucets or water sources at once. 

Your pressure switch will typically be found at the top of the line that connects your well pump to the pressure tank. If it is tripped, you'll need to reset the system by first closing all of the valves leading to the water delivery system, and then flipping the pressure switch back into place. Open the valves again, and with any luck, your well pumps will be operational again.

Lost Prime

If you can hear the pump running but no water is coming off, the pump may have "lost its prime" which means that there is air in the pump keeping the water from being drawn in. Try re-priming the pump. Start by turning off the power supply. Then, remove the bladder rank from the top of the pump housing and pour water directly into the pump until it is full.Put the bladder tank back in place, turn the power on, and run your water again. Some air may emerge before the water starts flowing.