Three Steps For Avoiding Water Well Performance Problems

Water wells can be vital for providing rural homes with water. While these wells can be invaluable for providing water, those that are fairly new to owning these wells can be unfamiliar with caring for the needs of modern water wells. If you have recently acquired a water well, you should be taking several steps in order to keep the well functional.

Water Quality Testing

Over the course of time, you will find that the water quality for your well can change. In the majority of cases, these changes will be minor, and you are unlikely to notice them. However, there can be instances where the water may become contaminated with bacteria or chemicals that can cause health issues. In order to be sure that you become aware of these issues as quickly as possible, you should test the water's quality every few months and whenever you notice a change in the way the water tastes.

You might be worried about the difficulty of performing these tests, but they are rather simple. These tests will simply require a small sample of water from your home, and you will apply a few drops of chemicals that will cause the water to change colors to allow you to easily determine the concentration of various minerals and other substances.


You might assume that the well will not be at risk of suffering winter damages, but this is incorrect. Water wells can be under intense stress during these months. The cold temperatures can lead to the water freezing, which can cause the pumps piping and tubing to rupture. You will need to winterize the pumps to prevent these damages from occurring. Luckily, this is typically a fairly simple task as you will simply need to add insulation to the exterior of the unit. If you live somewhere that experiences temperatures that are low enough to impede the performance of oil, you will need to ensure that you use a formula that is capable of withstanding extreme cold.

Annual Servicing

Moving the water from the well to your home will require the use of a powerful motor. As the pump is used, this motor will gradually become worn. Without service visits, the motor will suffer damage from excessive wear and tear, which can result in the motor needing to be replaced or go through extensive repairs. A yearly visit from a service technician will allow these damages to be repaired before they contribute to major performance issues. You may want to have these visits done during the fall as this will allow any worn components to be replaced before they have to make it through another harsh winter.

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