Troubleshooting An Outdated Boiler By The Noises It Makes

If you want efficiency and durability in a heating system, there is no doubt that the boiler is one of the best options. For years, homes have relied on a boiler for their primary source of heat and many of the oldest boilers are still in operation today. If you have a rather dated boiler unit in your home, there is no question that it might get a little fussy from time to time. What you probably do not know is that a boiler can tell you a great deal by the noises that it makes. Here are a few of the most common noises the boiler makes and what they could mean.

High-Pitched Whistles or Squeals

The boiler operates like a large pressure vessel tank that holds a steady pressure of heated water, but allows filtered steam to escape as heat to warm your home. The pressure within the tank must be regulated, and there are safety valves in place that allow excess pressure out when it gets too high. When the safety pressure valves malfunction, or start to deteriorate with age, you will hear the air escaping from the boiler tank. The pressure is so great, that the air escapes fast, creating a high-pitched squeal that is hard to avoid. Thankfully, this is as simple as replacing the safety valves with new ones, but this is a job that should be reserved by someone with experience.

Hollowed Dripping Noises

Dripping noises are infamous with older boilers because of their design. In most cases, you have a large metal tank that houses hot water and an inlet water valve that automatically pushes water in as needed or when water levels are depleted. The only problem with this design is the inlet valve usually lies over the water, which means if there is the slightest valve leak, the water will continuously drip down into the tank. This can get to be pretty noisy, especially if the leak is large and you have a large boiler. To fix the problem, the gaskets around the water inlet valve will have to be replaced.

The boiler system in your home may be noisy, but it does not have to be a problem that you just have to deal with as a homeowner. If you have a boiler in your home that is getting pretty grumpy and vocal thanks to its age, talk to a heating contractor who can help you make necessary repairs.

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