How to Respond if Your Bathroom Is Flooded

What do you do when you come home and find your bathroom flooded? Knowing how to react may mean the difference between dealing with a little mess or serious damage. Here are a few measures to help prevent an escalation of the problem.

Turn Off the Main Water Supply

If the flooding is being caused by an unattended open tap, then the issue can be as simple as turning it off. However, bathroom flooding can also be caused by damaged taps and burst water pipes. Whatever the cause of the flooding, you can reduce the water flow by turning off the main water supply line. 

The main supply line is usually located along your home's perimeter, somewhere near the fence or corner. This is one of the things to know before disaster strikes. If you can't tell where the valve is, call your plumber for guidance; he or she may even guide you over the phone before he or she arrives.

Minimize Further Damage

If you suspect that electrical wires have come into contact with the water (for example if there are sparks), then get out of the house and call the fire department. However, if you are sure that there is no risk of shock, then turn off the electricity supply and then protect your house contents from further damage. Do this by:

  • Moving furniture to dry areas
  • Rescuing books and propping them up so that they can dry
  • Protecting furniture (the ones you can't move to dry areas) by placing aluminum foil between their legs and the wet floor

Take Records of the Damage

If the damage is extensive, then it is possible that you will be making a claim to your homeowners' insurance carrier. In that case, you should take lots of notes and pictures of the damages. These will support your claim and help your insurer understand the extent of the damage.

Dry Out the Area

Use towels, cloths, mops, blotting paper and any other suitable thing to soak up as much water as possible. Once you have gotten rid of the obvious puddles, you can also use the wet/dry vacuum cleaner. Then you need to open up all the windows, doors, cabinet doors, and turn on the air conditioner to drive out the humidity to prevent mold growth.

If the damage is due to other things other than a tap that was left running, then you should also call a plumber like Paton Bros Ltd to rectify the damage. If it is particular serious, and the water is still flowing, then you should call an emergency plumber for a prompt service.