3 Types Of Plumbing Issues And How To Address Them

When it comes to being comfortable in your home, you will need to have adequate plumbing. This will allow you to enjoy a variety of things from taking a shower to watering your flower garden. It's important to know how to fix any of the common plumbing problems you may face on a daily basis with ease.

Problem #1: Frozen pipes

If you live in extremely frigid weather conditions, you may have pipes that freeze. This can prevent your water from flowing and leave you without water until the pipes thaw out over time.

Listed below are tips to help you solve this problem:

  1. Use more installation around your pipes.
  2. Leave your water dripping at night.
  3. If you have a water pump put a light in it to help it stay warm.

Problem #2: Clogged sink

Waking up to a clogged bathroom or kitchen sink can be a bad start to any day. Fortunately, there are several ways to remedy this situation and these are listed below:

  1. Lift the pop-up in the sink and remove any debris that may have accumulated. This is a common area for hair to form and this can prevent the water from draining.
  2. Use a plunger that will work by dislodging any particles that are causing the sink to be clogged.
  3. Create a homemade drain cleaner that has less chemicals in it and pour it down the sink's drain.

Problem #3: Leaking Faucet

If you constantly hear a noise coming from your sink, this may be due to a faucet that is leaking. It's important to fix this issue if you pay a water bill because it can be costly to you if left unfixed.

Below are ways to fix this problem:

  1. Check the bolts around the faucet area and tighten these if necessary.
  2. Replace the O-ring which is a gasket that is in the faucet unit.

Remember to be sure and turn the water off before attempting to resolve this plumbing problem because the last thing you will want is to be drenched while working on it.

Finally, if you are handy, you may be able to fix a number of issues pertaining to the water in your home on your own. However, if you feel that a problem is too difficult for you to take on, be sure to call a plumber like one from Hammond Plumbing & Heating who has the expertise to fix it for you with ease.